A couple of friends asked for some photos on my pack, so I thought I’d share this with all of you too.

The bag is a Goruck GR1, with an aftermarket insert from CamPort.

What’s in the insert:

  • Canon EOS 6D, EF 16-35ƒ/2.8L attached
  • EF 80-200ƒ/2.8L & EF 50ƒ/1.4
  • Extra battery, travel charger, iPad/iPhone charger, multi-plug extension cable.
  • Extra glasses and sun shade.

In the bag, outside the insert:

  • 2 Uniqlo quick-dry Ts & briefs.
  • 1 Adidas all-weather lightweight windbreaker.
  • 1 travel towel & Muji toiletries bag.
  • Mozzie repellant, sunblock, Moleskine notepad, all-surface pen.

The GR1 has a separated bladder compartment which I put my 3L Source Outdoor hydra pack. On the left strap, I attach a Capture Clip from Peak Design to hold my camera whenever it’s not in the bag.

A little note about the insert: I tried using a different kind of camera insert where it just sits on the bottom. It’s practically useless when the bag is full.

I modified the insert and attach some 1” velcro bands so that the insert can stay upright and stick to the top of the bag at all time, even when the bag is empty. This way, not only the GR1 turns into a fully functional multi-purpose camera bag, quick access to both the camera insert and the GR1 itself is maintained.

Do you know that you can fit a fully-loaded Billingham ƒ/1.4 inside a GR1?

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